Family Group Sheet for

William Buell

Husband: William Buell

Birth: Abt. 1605/06 Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England1

Baptism: 17 Feb 1605/06 in Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England7

Death: 16 Nov 1681 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA2

Marriage: 18 Nov 1640 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 4, 5

Occupation: Carpenter6

Father: Robert Bevill

Mother:  Maria Coles

Wife:  Mary Post

Birth: Abt. 1619

Death: 01 Sep 1684 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA2

Burial: Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA8

Father:  William Post

Mother: Mary




Samuel Buell2

Birth: 02 Sep 1641 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 9, 10

Death:  11 Jul 1720 in Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA11

Marriage: 13 Nov 1662 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA4, 9, 10

Spouse: Deborah Griswold



Mary Buell2

Birth: 03 Sep 1642 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 9, 10

Death: 24 Jun 1718 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA12

Marriage: 23 Feb 1659/60 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 9, 10

Spouse: Simon Mills

Other Spouses: Samuel Bissell



Peter Buell2

Birth: 19 Aug 1644 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 9, 10

Death: 08 Jan 1728/29 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA12

Burial: Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA13

Marriage: 31 Mar 1670 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 4, 10

Spouse: Martha Cozzens

Other Spouses:

Mercy Strong (1687 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA)[4]

Mary Gillette (30 Jun 1699 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA)[4]



Hannah Buell2

Birth: 08 Jan 1646/47 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 9, 10

Death: 26 Sep 1704 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA10

Marriage: 17 Sep 1663 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 9, 10, 14

Spouse:  Timothy Palmer



Hephzibah Buell2

Birth: 11 Dec 1649 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 9, 10

Death: Mar 1703/04 in Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA1

Marriage: 13 Jan 1671/72 in Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA15

Spouse: Thomas Welles

Other Spouses: Daniel Belden (17 Feb 1698/99 in Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA)[16]



Sarah Buell

Birth: 21 Mar 1653/54 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 9, 10

Death: 1734 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA1



Abigail Buell

Birth: 12 Feb 1655/56 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA3, 10, 17

Death: 16 Nov 1681 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA1


From Probate Records, Early Connecticut, 1677-1687, is an abstract of William's Will dated July 26, 1681:

Bewell William, Windsor. Died 16 November 1681. Invt. Pounds 147-12-10. Taken 30 November 1681, by John Loomys sen., John Moore. Will dated 26 July, 1681.

I William Buell do give to my son Samuel the house and half the Home lot,with all the Land, purchased of William Thrall; & to my son Peter half the Home lot on the North side & all the Meadow & the Wood Land that was my own by gift of the Town. My Tools to be equally divided betwixt Samuel & Peter. My son Samuel is to pay out 11 pounds and Peter 6 pounds, & this, with the rest of my goods, to be equally divided between my daughters, only my daughter Mary to have pounds 5 more than either of the others. These two parcel ls of Land, one by the gravell hill, the other by the Mill brooke, which I leave to my wife's disposeing If she out lives me, & she is to enjoy all this as long as she lives . Witness: Nathaniel Gillett, Timothy Phelps, Job Drake, sonne of John Drake, James Hillier.


Mrs. Mary Bewell, the widow and relict of William Bewell, Deed., Exhibited Invt. 6th March, 1681/82, before Benjamin Newbery, Commissioner.

6 March, 1681/82: It is mutually agreed By Samuel and Peter Bewell, as a final Issue betwixt them, respecting their father's will, as followeth: That all the houseing shall be equally divided betwixt them by an indifferent estimation. Also that Peter shall have Liberty to choose which end of the house he will have, both Samuel & Peter being bound to give or take according to the estimation that shall then be set upon it.

Also that Peter shall have half the Home Lot as it Lyeth on the Northerly side & as expressed in the will, with the addition of the southerly or other part of the swamp or meadow Lying by the Riverett, which is to extend from the River to the Middle of the Hill or falling ground betwixt the meadow & upland, as also that all the woodlands & boggy meadow shall be settled upon both of them according to their father's will, which was presented in Court. Farther, we do also agree that the Land Lying in the great meadow shall be equally divided betwixt us both. The aforesaid parcells of Land we agree shall be & remain to us, our heirs & successors, with all the privaleges there to belonging; & farther we do agree that whatsoever of Legacy shall be due by our Father's will, it shall be discharged or payed equally betwixt us; & also that the Tools our Father Left us shall be divided according to his will written. For the true performance of what is above written we do mutually set to our hands. /s/ Samuel & Peter; witnessed by Nathan Gillett and George Griswold.


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