Family Group Sheet for

Thomas Bucke

Husband: Thomas Bucke

Birth: 1618 in England1, 2

Death: 1659 in York, Virginia, USA3

Wife: (Unknown)

Death: Aft. 16592,3




Thomas Bucke

Birth: 16492

Death: 1729 in York, Virginia, USA

Marriage: Bef 1682

Spouse: Unknown

Other Spouses: Elizabeth Cosby (1698)



Dorothy Bucke

Birth: Jun 1654 in York, Virginia, USA

Spouse: Robert Tallent2




RECORDS 1659-1662

Abstracted & Compiled


Benjamin B. Weisiger III


Pg 68

Probate of the will of Thomas Bucke, dec'd, granted to Richard Sims and Nicholas Bond, the same proved by the oath of George New, Henry Russo and Elizabeth Heye.


Pg 69

Will of Thomas Bucke, "very sick and weak"

To my son Thomas Bucke, land and house To son Thomas and daughter Dorothy Bucke, my cattle, hogs and household stuff to be equally divided, along with my servants and all other estate. To Thomas and Dorothy, my horse, mare and colt. I appoint Richard Smith and Nicholas Bond, overseers and guardians of my children, and to be my executors. Children to be brought up learning to read and write and in the fear of God. 23 Oct. 1659

Wit Gregory (+) Rud, Henry () Rus, Elizabeth (w ) Frie

Signed: Tho. Bucke Recorded 17 Nov. 1659


Inventory of Thomas Bucke: I Bible, 3 shillings & 6 pence money, 1 bill for a man servant of Thomas Parkman, 1 bill of Randolph Rhoades for 1600, 1 bill of George Focon's for 1600 lbs tob., 1 bill of Thomas Parkman for 200 lbs tob., 3 green rugs, 1 red rug, a feather boulster, 2 pillows, 1 rug, curtains & valence, 1 feather bed, a ticking and flock bed and boulster, 2 saddles, a bridle, a pillion, and pillion cloth, a frame table and frame, 3 joint stools, 1 wainscoat couch, 3 wainscoat chairs, 3 leather chairs and wainscoat couch, 1 hide couch and 2 trunks, 1 womans coat of red broadcloth trimmed with silk & silver lace, 1 silk peticoat with silk & silver lace, 3 pr. worsted stocks, a mans serge suit trimmed, a mans coat & breeches- new, a mans coat of red broadcloth with silver buttons, a cloth horseman's coat and 2 monmouth caps, 1 striped carpet, 2 pr. shoes, 1 pr. new spurs & leathers, a bottom of twine, a small chest with 11 yards of Holland, a stuff suit for a woman, a fustian suit for a woman, 2 yds. of stuff and 3 pr. Irish stockings, 1 pr. worsted stockings, 2 Holland sheets, 2 Holland smocks, 2 aprons, a Holland sheet, 3 Holland coifes, 2 Holland dressings,

3 table cloths, flowered Holland gorgets, some child bed linen, a dozen napkins, 4 pillows, 2 old Demy casters, 4 iron pots and pot hooks, 1 pr. pot racks and brass kettle, 3 iron pestles, a spit, a pr. andirons, 2 guns, a long saw, 2 new axes, 1 hoe, 8000 nails, 10 pewter dishes, a bason, 3 salt sellers, 10 spoons, 3 porringers, 3 sawcers, a qt. pot, a pt. pot, a candlestick, 18 milk trays, a wash bowl, a looking glass, 2 smoking frons, a froe, a hamer, a drawing knife, a man servant and a maid servant for three years, a mare, a horse, a horse foal, 13 cows, a bull, three 2 yr. old heifers, 4 yearling heifers, 2 steers, three steers 4 yrs. old, four 3 yr. old steers, three 2 yr. old steers, and three a year old and a bull, 7 calves (3 male & 4 female), 18 head of hogs and a back sword.

17 Nov. 1659 Richard Smith, Nicholas (NB) Bond


More belonging to Thomas Bucke's estate:

4 HHd tob. 1550 1bs, 23 1/2 barrels corn, 3 bushels beans, account of Mr. Landsdale, 700 lbs tob.

Delivered 15 Dec. and recorded by Mr. Ballard. Richard Smith


Pg 71

Jeffrey Moore and Edward Wade also to appraise estate of Thomas Bucke, dec'd, were sworn in court. Ordered that Jeffrey Moore be paid 200 lbs from estate of Thomas Bucke, dec'd, for appraisal and 60 lbs for Edward Wade from same.

Ordered that John Overstreet, for trouble about wife of Thomas Bucke, dec'd, in his sickness, have 80 lbs tob. from estate.


Pg 73

An appraising of goods of Mr. Thomas Bucke by Edward Wade & Jeffrey Moore (listed & valued at L 41/3/0)

Signed: Edward Wade, Jeffrey Moore


Pg 94

The difference between Francis Carpenter, plt., and Richard Smith, overseer of Thomas Buck's will, is referred to next court.


Pg 103

Non suit and 50 lbs tob. granted to Richard Smith, overseer of estate of Thomas Bucke, dec'd, agst Francis Carpenter.


Pg 111

Ordered that Richard Smith, overseer of Thomas Buck, pay Francis Carpenter 437 lbs tob., but is to deduct 300 lbs & cask due ___ to said Smith, assignee of Thomas Holliday, unless Carpenter ___ it to be paid by Oct. next.


Pg 132

Account of cattle of Thomas Bucke, by Richard Smith for Bucke's orphans.

7 Sept. 1661 Richard Smith


Pg 138

Ordered on petition of Nicholas Bond, joint overseer with Richard Smith, of Thomas Bucke's estate, that Smith appear at next court to give an account.


Pg ?

Accounts were presented to court by Richard Smith regarding Thomas Bucke's estate, being

examined by Mathew Huberd and Thomas Ballard by court order, is at Nicholas Bond's request referred to next court, that he may peruse same.


Pg 171

The court, examining the accounts of Thomas Bucke, dec'd, presented by the overseers of the will, find that unless course be taken for securing what is left to the children's use, the whole estate will be ruined and lost; wherefore for the prevention thereof, order that Richard Smith possess the orphans' estate and land till their marriage, providing he give bond with good security, to pay said orphans at age 21 or marriage; and he is to give account next Court, and also he is to educate and maintain the children.


Pg 177-178

Condition is that Richard Smith, one of the executors of Thomas Bucke, dec'd, late of York Co., Va., being posest with said estate, and it appearing estate was much impaired, and children of dec'd will be beggared unless proper care is taken, and for this reason the Justices, at Orphans Court Sept. 10 last, ordered said Richard posest with estate of dec'd and use of his land until children of dec'd are of age or married and he is to educate and maintain the children, Thomas and Dorothy Bucke. If said Richard pays Thomas & Dorothy L 38/18/0 and 150 lbs tob. due the estate, and deliver to them when of age, the livestock and servants, and deliver to next court a true account, the above obligation is void.

Signed: Richard Smith, Wm (mark) Newman, John (D) Davis

Wit: John Rogers, Tho. Ballard, Cl. Cur.


Bond of Richard Smith to William Newman and John Davis that he will indemnify them in above bond. Richard Smith

Wit: John Rogers, Tho. Ballard Recorded 24 Oct. 1662


Pg 181

Ordered that account of estate of Thomas Bucke, dec'd, delivered this day by Richard Smith be recorded.



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