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Rebecca's Family Tree

In the twenty-five years that I have been researching my family, I have traced my roots back to literally hundreds of surnames. If you do the math, by the time you get to ten generations of ancestors, you have 1024 surnames that are all your grandparents. I don't think that anyone has accomplished proving 1024 surnames, but good luck if you want to try.


For this website, I am including the research that I have done on my four grandparent's surnames and I am starting with the grandfather that came to America from their homeland, which in all four cases was England in the 1600's. I do have more generations, but have chosen to focus on the American families only.


This work is not yet finished as it takes a very long time to make each page look professional. The family group pages are all active, but most of the pages only have the facts and sources but none of the pictures, timelines or records. I will upload these as I have the time.


Thanks for looking. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.