Family Group Sheet for

Daniel Rea

Husband: Daniel Rea

Birth: 1600 in Suffolk, England

Death: 24 Jun 1662 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA1

Marriage: 1628 in England2

Occupation: Seaman

Land: Purchased a dwelling house and garden plot at Plymouth Colony,  from Anthony Annable on 9 June 1630.4

Wife:  Bethiah

Birth: 1606 in Suffolk, England

Death: 1663 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA




Joshua Rea

Birth: 1628


Marriage: 26 Feb 1651/52 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA1, 2, 3

Occupation: Taverner

Spouse: Sarah Waters



Bethiah Rea


Birth: 1630 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 06 Dec 1688 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Marriage: Bef. 1652

Spouse: Thomas Lothrop

Other Spouses:

Joseph Grafton (Bef. Jun 1676)

William Goodhue (Bef. 1685)


1 Daniell Raye was on the Grand Jury on 19 Sept. 16375, 27 Sept. 16366, 27 Dec. 16366, and

28 Mar. 16376, 30 Dec. 1645.6

2 Daniel Ray and eleven others presented for breach of order of court, keeping cattle in the common corn fields. Received fines on 27 Dec. 16426

3 James Thomas, servant to Daniell Ray, to be severely whipped for stubbornness and disobedience to his master on 11 July 16446

4 Daniel Ray presented for trespass of his horses in the north field to his neighbor's damage on 27 Aug. 1644 -Wit: Jefferey Masy, Mr. Hathorne and Mr. Downing to fix damages.6

5 Daniel Ray and three others presented for suffering cattle to go at large before fruits were in on 2 Jan. 16446

6 John Beaumont placed in care of Daniel Ray as an apprentice until he is 18 yrs on 6 July 16476

7 Daniel Rumball, John Rowden, Francis Nurce and Thomas Odingsell were fined or were to sit in stocks for defaming Daniel Ray on 20 February. 16486

8 Ruben Guppie fined or to sit in stocks for defaming Danyell Ray on 21 February. 16486

9 "To lay out a cuntrie way between Salem and Tobffeld." on 22 Oct. 1657 - It ran through

Daniel Rayes Farm.6

10 The following paper was proved as the will of Daniel Rea of Salem, 24 : 4 : 1662 :

"Whereas there hath been a Will begun to be made by Daniell Rea

of Salem,  lately deceased, but he not being able to finish it,

whereby great inconvenience is like to arise to his

Children, if it be left as it is, Wee therefore whose names are

vnderwritten, takeing it into our Consideration, haue made this

our Joynt Conclusion & Agreement (if the Honored Court now

Assembled please to Accept of, & Confirme the same) in Manner

 as followeth.

First, that his sonne Joshua Rea shall have ye

Improuement of the whole farme, where he lives, & when his

Sonne Daniel is growne vp to ye Age of Twenty one yeares, he shall

have halfe ye farme, & his father to have ye other halfe, dureing

ye terme of his owne life, & also of his wives widdowhood, in Case

she should outlive him, & then that halfe also to be his sonne

Daniels, & so ye said Daniel then to haue ye whole farme, which is

ye proper Will of ye Testator.

Secondly, that ye said Joshua Rea shall haue the vse & improvement

of the seventeene Acres of land, lying on Salem North River,

vntill his two daughters, Rebecca & Sarah, exprest in ye will, shall

attaine to ye age of sixteene yeares, & then they to haue ye land

with ye improvement of ye same equally divided betwixt them.

Thirdly that ye said Joshua Rea, shall have also the one Acre &

halfe on the South Rivers side in Salem, as his proper right, to

dispose of as he shall see cause. Fourthly, that his sonne Thomas

Lothrop, & his wife, shall haue the Farme, Comonly Called Captaine

Damports farme, as their proper right, to dispose of, as they

please, provided that the five pound, paid already by me to Capt.

Damport, in a Cowe, be allowed me out of ye other estate.

Fifthly that our Mother shall have ye Thirds, of all of this Estate,

dureing her life. Lastly, for the rest of ye Estate, we leave

it to the wisedome of the Honoured Court, to dispose of the same,

as they shall thinke best, according to lawe.


This aboue writing or agreement is by the Court alowed of & is to be

as the Courts determination & ordering of the estate of Danyell Ray deceased

being consented there to by ye children of ye deceased in Court

at Salem 26 : 4mo : 1662 atteste, Hillyard Verin Cleric :"6



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