Family Group Sheet for

Charles Stephen Ray

Husband: Charles Stephen Ray

Birth: 06 Oct 1866 in Grass Lake, Jackson, Michigan, USA1, 2, 3, 4

Death: 25 Jun 1912 in Norvell, Jackson, Michigan, USA1

Burial: Norvell, Jackson, Michigan, USA5

Marriage: 04 Jan 1902 in Napoleon, Jackson, Michigan, USA6

Occupation: Farmer7

Father: Palmer Smith Ray

Mother: Eliza Ann Ottley

Wife:  Mary Lucetta Hess

Birth: 15 Nov 1876 in Columbia, Jackson, Michigan, USA8, 9, 10, 11

Death: 13 May 1973 in Napoleon, Jackson, Michigan, USA12

Burial: 16 May 1973 in Norvell, Jackson, Michigan, USA5

Father: Murray William Hess

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Swain




Seth Ernest Ray

Birth: 03 May 1900 in Napoleon, Jackson, Michigan, USA7, 9, 13, 14, 15

Death: 10 Jan 1973 in Tucson, Pima, Arizona, USA13, 14, 16

Burial: 12 Jan 1973 in Tucson, Pima, Arizona, USA13, 16

Marriage: 08 Jul 1929 in Arizona, USA17

Spouse: Annie Elizabeth Buck



David G. Ray

Birth: 22 Sep 1902 in Norvell, Jackson, Michigan, USA7, 18

Marriage: 11 Aug 1928 in Fulton, Ohio, USA19

Spouse: Evelyn R. Miller



Stephen H. Ray

Birth: 19 Dec 1903 in Jackson, Michigan, USA7, 14

Death: 12 Jan 1992 in Grass Lake, Jackson, Michigan, USA14, 20

Burial: 16 Jan 1992 in Manchester, Washtenaw, Michigan, USA20

Spouse: Ruth E



Ruth E. Ray

Birth: 15 Mar 1905 in Michigan, USA7

Spouse: Walter Zeeb



Phillip S. Ray

Birth: 21 Apr 1906 in Michigan, USA7, 11, 14

Death: 20 Apr 1987 in Bay, Florida, USA14

Spouse: Genevive A



John Robin Ray

Birth: 16 Oct 1909 in Norvell, Jackson, Michigan, USA7

Death: 28 Jul 1926 in Grass Lake, Jackson, Michigan, USA21

Burial: Norvell, Jackson, Michigan, USA5



Charles Merritt Ray

Birth: 17 Feb 1911 in Michigan, USA14, 22

Death: 08 Mar 1978 in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan, USA14, 22

Burial: Napoleon, Jackson, Michigan, USA22

Marriage: 15 Oct 1932 in Steuben, Indiana, USA23

Spouse: Ninabelle Saunders


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